Sion, Switzerland

Born in Sion, Sabine Zaalene studied Archeology and art history at University. She is a multidisciplinary artist (video, photography, installation, painting, printmaking and performance).

She likes to mix different arts and explore their transversality. She works with objects, which explain places, their existence and their memory. In her research, she attributes body language to important places.

She used to figure skate competitively and still teaches. She exhibits regularly.

In 2007 she received a grant from the Canton du Valais, in 2009 the Englert Prize (sound ecology) and in 2011 an artistic residency in Mali from the Canton du Valais.

She and the Malian dancer, Alou Cissé, created ‘Graines de danseurs’ association. During the 3-D residency, she used 3 artistic disciplines: sculpture, video and dance with Alou Cissé, as a tribute to John Berger and his text: “Ways of Seeing”.