James Capper

Aluminum, composite materials, polyethylene and fiberglass
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James Capper

James Capper’s work AERO CAB creates a modern platform for visitors to consider the role of the engineer in relation to creating solutions in fragile natural environments in places such as Verbier, and to the possibilities of broadening the scope from the technical aspects of engineering to those aspects that directly affect communities and the environment.

Capper who is a pioneering artist and engineer known for his innovative approach to sculpture and machinery, made a significant contribution to the discourse surrounding climate change with his work, AERO CAB. Inspired by his explorations of glaciers and a profound concern for the environment, the artist embarked on a journey to merge art, engineering, and environmental activism.

Capper's fascination with glaciers began with a desire to understand the impact of climate change on these majestic ice formations. Witnessing firsthand the alarming rate at which glaciers were receding due to rising global temperatures, he felt compelled to translate this experience into his work. His goal was not only to raise awareness about the plight of glaciers but also to inspire action through his art.

AERO CAB emerged as a culmination of Capper's interdisciplinary approach. It was a testament to his ability to blend aesthetics with functionality, all while addressing pressing environmental issues. At its core, the AERO CAB is a sustainable transportation solution designed to navigate the challenging terrain of glaciers while minimizing ecological footprint.

The design of AERO CAB was both elegant and pragmatic. It featured lightweight materials and aerodynamic shapes inspired by nature, allowing it to glide effortlessly over the icy landscape. Powered by renewable energy sources such as solar and wind, AERO CAB is an example of sustainable innovation in transportation.

James Capper's AERO CAB is more than just a mode of transportation; it is a catalyst for dialogue and action in the face of climate change in glacial environements. By harnessing the power of art and engineering, Capper demonstrated that innovative solutions are within reach if we are willing to confront the challenges of our time with creativity and resolve.

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