Interference Cube

Gramazio Kohler

Currently on display
Gramazio Kohler

Imagine cutting a cube out of an onion. The three-­dimensional inner structure of the onion leaves a two-dimensional imprint on the surface of the cube. In the Interference Cube, a prototypi­cal spatial unit realised for the Swiss Art Awards, the artists similarly outlined a virtual, spatial force field on the inner walls of a ceramic cube.

Using a computer, the architects placed this cube into a virtual algorithmic force field that rippled outwards in space. The surfaces loaded with spatial information radically altered the interior space of the seven-tonne cube. The wall surfaces became receptors that - like computer tomography - displayed something that is normally invisible. A dialogue was created between the conti­nuous, procedural space of the force field and the Cartesian geometry of the cube.

This work explores new strategies for making patterns from algorithms. Superceding conventional pictorial paradigms based on two-dimensional textures, this work marked Gramazio Kohler’s first sensual encounter with the pheno­mena they now describe as “digital materiality”.

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