Tessa Perutz

View Towards Verbier Sculpture Park, Switzerland (Mid-Morning)

Tessa Perutz

Oil on canvas
Tessa Perutz

Sans Souci is a series of landscape paintings made by painter Tessa Perutz during her five week residency in Verbier in collaboration with Pablo's Birthday.

This body of work is concerned primarily with the Swiss landscape, produced by rendering plein air drawings into paintings, with the use of simplified fields of color that reference abstract forms. These compositions become figurative tableaux, and can also be read in relation to nonobjective art.

The title Sans Souci — translates to “no worries” - a French phrase she often heard in Verbier, Switzerland. However joyous these paintings may be -- it is clear that Perutz’s practice belongs to a contemporary art trajectory influenced by modernism. The joining of traditional landscape painting with a contemporary formality proves to be a powerful combination in Perutz’s work. The works are highly aware on a historical level but also emotionally free in a contemporary sense.

Tessa Perutz’s artworks function as psychological landscapes, touring the fields and valleys of the earth as well as the inner mind. Her works are a testimony to spontaneous exploration: pinpointed with anecdotes, hasty jottings and existential ponderings, Perutz’ oeuvre is shaped by processes of conceptualization and intuition, organically intertwining & informing one another.

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