Helga Dorothea Fannon, film still from 'You can see me under blankets of foreign offerings'

You can see me under blankets of foreign offerings

Helga Dorothea Fannon

Currently on display

Presently showcased within Verbier's natural splendor at an altitude of 2300 meters, Helga Dorothea Fannon's film - 'You can see me under blankets of foreign offerings' - takes form as an immersive Visual Poetry Walk experienced through billboards and cabins from Croix-de-Coeur to Ruinettes lift stations. 

Divided into nine segments along a 5km walk, visitors become active participants through the use of QR codes, navigating the interplay between video, image, text and space. 

Utilising footage from her and Haroon Mirza's 2023 residency, the film serves as a window into the artists’ creative process and their personal environment, offering a glimpse of their inspiration, research, and the transformative power of the residency experience. 

Fannon's work often explores the interplay of human emotions, relationships, and the intricate complexities of the human psyche. Her keen observational skills whilst in Verbier allowed her to capture unseen moments and overlooked touches of nature. This attention to detail, combined with her adeptness at crafting compelling narratives, leads to a work that resonates on a deep emotional level with the audience.

One of Fannon's signature strengths lies in her ability to blend visual aesthetics with thematic substance. Each frame is meticulously composed, and her use of light, color, and framing contributes to the overall mood and atmosphere of her film that guide visitors through this walk.

Beyond the visual allure, this work carries layers of meaning and introspection. Delving into this year’s residency themes of water and energy, Fannon invites viewers to reflect on their own experiences, perspectives and relationship to nature. 

'You can see me under blankets of foreign offerings', 2023
Words and film visuals by Helga Dorothea Fannon
Audio by Haroon Mirza
Mixed and Mastered by Jack Jelfs

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