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Master Classes

Model Painting — Tessa Perutz Masterclass

Olaf Breuning

Painting with Woodcuts
LIVE October 2022

Chloe Dewe Mathews

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Artist Discussions

Panel Discussion 
Panel Discussion 

Chloe Dewe Mathews

Artist Talk w/ curator Paul Goodwin
September 2022

Eco Acoustics

Eco acoustics is an emerging interdisciplinary science that investigates natural and anthropogenic sounds and their relationships with the environment over multiple scales of time and space.

Explore the eco acoustic work of sound artist Philip Samartzis.

2021 Online Residency

Considering the theme of WATER, artist Natalie Ball experiments with new forms of creating and engaging with the public by sharing her studio practice, home life and research behind the making of new work during her residency.  

Create @ home

Alexa Jeanne Kusber

Drawing with Shadows
Coming soon!

Tarik Hayward

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Natalie Ball

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