Education Programme

Led by the Verbier 3-D Foundation and enhanced by lectures and workshops from international experts and practitioners in various fields, our diverse educational programme attempts to develop civic awareness about the environment and community through art.

The Foundation's aim is to expand the connection of the local and visiting public to their surroundings by fostering a sense of appreciation for their habitat. 

By engaging and inspiring local communities, we hope to ignite the power of local action, unlocking the potential of communities to meaningfully address climate change as it affects their lives and surroundings. This will in turn create an ecosystem of climate action.

What we do


The 3-D Foundation offers educational workshops each year with the artists-in-residence through the Swiss public school system. The artist(s) is asked to develop and teach classes around their practice to local school children.

Weekend Courses and Panel Discussions

Offered each year and throughout the Residencies to provide unparalleled opportunities for participants to gain knowledge and insight into the artistic practices and current environmental debates.


We collaborate with local and international programmes to develop educational and art programming for the local community at large. This includes a range of talks, film screenings, hikes, and text around the environmental themes highlighted each year.

Online Education

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We aim to increase the understanding of contemporary art practice and foster a dialogue between artists and communities that promotes the enjoyment and understanding of the role of public art.