The 1st edition of the Sound Biennial unfolds in the heart of the Valais, in early autumn 2023. It brings together over 70 artists and musicians at 17 venues in five towns and villages. Alongside a largely fragmented exhibition, the public is invited to discover 27 performances and concerts, as well as an international symposium.

The Biennale Son is an event designed to highlight the growing importance of sound in contemporary art. Multi-disciplinary, it seeks to blur the often too segmented lines between artistic disciplines that are closer than they seem. The Sound Biennial features installations, sculptural, two-dimensional and text-based works, films, as well as performances, concerts and plays. At times, works where sound is induced in their form or design become silent.

We are pleased that this year's residency artist Haroon Mirza will be performing at the inauguration of this 1st edition of the Biennale Son.

For the opening, on Saturday September 16, all venues will be open to the public with free admission from 11am to 6pm. The official reception and performances will take place at La Centrale from 5pm.

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