We are delighted to announce our collaboration with artist Sophie Whettnall, invited by the Foundation to transform the blank canvas of the surrounding snowy landscape into a captivating art piece. Scheduled for this April, the project strives to provide an immersive exploration of the intersection between art and nature, leaving a lasting impact on audiences well beyond the melting snow.

Whettnall's distinctive artistic voice, consistently engaged with the environment, aligns harmoniously with the Foundation's mission to integrate contemporary art and experimentation with the awe-inspiring landscapes of Verbier, Switzerland.

The RATRACK project stands like a monumental drawing in situ amid the grandeur of the mountains. An immense drawing made of complex lines, shaping the landscape in the very essence of nature. An image within an image, one frame juxtaposing the other, this drawing is engraved in the snow. Given its large scale, I'll be adopting a new working tool by orchestrating machines to create a ball of ratracks. The idea is to encourage these local utilised machines to go beyond their usual tasks and push the boundaries of drawing.

Whettnall's ability to navigate the delicate balance between the artistic and the natural world will undoubtedly infuse this project with a unique energy. Through this innovative use of a snow plow, the artist not only challenges artistic conventions but also prompts contemplation on the interplay between human intervention, machinery, and the ever-changing beauty of nature.


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