The 3-D Foundation has an interest in creating a residency to examine environmental concerns in relation to pushing artistic practices and knowledge production.
Alexa Jeanne Kusber, Curator


We are an invitation-only residency that focuses on pushing artists out of their comfort zones to develop new work around environmentalism that may not be possible in the studio space.

The artists are invited to live in Verbier and become immersed within the surrounding environment of the Swiss Alps while considering curated topics related to current climatic discourse.

The Residency keeps an open-door policy, so the public is able to see the work in progress. This approach demystifies the making of art and creates a more intimate and informed experience of the viewer.

We encourage artists to engage with the local communities, commissioned scholars and scientists which contribute to the evolution of the work.

The work is exhibited in our Sculpture Park for a period of 2 years or more alongside an educational programme developed with the artist surrounding the work.


We offer a number of public programmes throughout the year that provide a wide range of events, activities, and resources to help engage more deeply with the art and the environment through the Foundation's artists.
Online Panel Discussions

Join us for two online open discussions surrounding the themes of the exhibition and global experience of The Great Pause ... How are artists living and creating during this time? What is the role of art in times of pandemic? What is their current personal reflection on the world around them? How has their practice been affected? […]

The Great Pause... Exhibition

Natalie Ball / Olaf Breuning / James Capper / Donna Dodson / Gregory Coates / Andrea Hasler/ Tarik Hayward / Musa Hixson / Ilya and Emilia Kabakov / Etienne Krähenbühl / Andy Moerlein / Julien Marolf / Tessa Perutz / Josette Taramarcaz / Kiki Thompson / Jonathan Wright The year 2020 will be long remembered […]

E-Bike Art Tours

This Summer starting July 7th, the Verbier 3-D Foundation will offer E-Bike Art Tours through the Sculpture Park and new exhibition every Tuesday and Thursday! CHF 73.- includes: E-bike rental for the day Guided Tour of the Verbier 3-D 2020 Exhibition Guided Tour of the Verbier 3-D Sculpture Park Access to the inside of one […]

Andrea Hasler: Shifting Commodities

The Foundation is releasing a limited edition print with artist Andrea Hasler as part of The Great Pause ... exhibition. Andrea HaslerShifting Commodities, 2020C-Type Metallic Print44.8 x 60 cmEdition of 200Signed and numbered by the artist175 CHF The original artwork in an edition of 5 is also available for purchase.Please inquire here for further details. Hasler was part of our 2014 Artist Residency […]

The Great Pause...

In these extraordinary times, we hope you are taking care of yourself, staying healthy and hopeful. With great sadness we have had to cancel this year's Artist Residency and exhibition. Right now, the health of everyone is our priority. Artist Natalie Ball will join us in 2021 for her residency in a changed world to […]

2020 Artist-in-Residence: Natalie Ball

I make art as proposals of refusal to complicate an easily affirmed and a consumed narrative without absolutes. - Natalie Ball The Verbier 3-D Foundation is pleased to announce Native American artist Natalie Ball as our 2020 artist-in-residence. Continuing in the 5th year of the Verbier 3-D Foundation’s climate and glacial project, the artist will be invited to live in […]

Karsten Födinger's Erratic Expeditions during the 2020 Verbier Art Summit

As part of our continued cultural partnership in 2020 with the Verbier Art Summit, we would like to invite you to experience two ERRATIC afternoons during the Summit with 2019 residency artist Karsten Födinger.  On 31 Jan, we invite you to join us at Medran lift station in Verbier to participate in Födinger's cultural intervention for the Summit weekend.  Utilising the […]

2020 Verbier Art Summit

The Verbier 3-D Foundation is proud to be a Cultural Partner of the 2020 Verbier Art Summit. RESOURCE HUNGRY: OUR CULTURED LANDSCAPE AND ITS ECOLOGICAL IMPACT The 2020 Verbier Art Summit will ask how to envision a way forward in finding harmony between art, ecology and resources. Jessica Morgan comments on the theme, “How does […]

Karsten Födinger — PILIER ERRATIQUE. 
Vernissage Weekend

Vernissage Weekend: 27-28th July 2019 I don’t see myself as the only author of my works, but as a catalyst between the forces of nature and the logics of material. The Verbier 3-D Foundation presents PILIER ERRATIQUE, a new site-specific sculptural work by German artist Karsten Födinger. The artist was invited to live for one […]

Time + Space NYC Residency : Andrea Hasler

Residency during Frieze New York. Avant/Après N°5 presents a kind of luxurious milk machine that blurs the boundaries between inside and outside of the body. Combining plastic tubes, photography, video as well as deconstructed laundry bags carrying the logo of a well-known luxury brand, the installation plays with our restlessness in search for ‘The Other’. The […]

2019 Artist-in-Residence : KARSTEN FÖDINGER

2019 Artist-in-Residence : KARSTEN FÖDINGER The Verbier 3-D Foundation is pleased to announce German artist Karsten Födinger as our 2019 artist-in-residence. Realized through the engineering or construction techniques, the oeuvre of Födinger brings forth the role of the mechanics as a constitutional element of sculpture­. His work reminds the viewer that it is such a genre that rigidly follows […]

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