2017 residency


Olaf Breuning

The Verbier 3-D Foundation presents Swiss artist Olaf Breuning for the 2017 Artist Residency. The artist will come to Verbier, Switzerland to develop new work whilst considering the theme of Migration in the wake of climate change.

This year is a continuation of the work by the Verbier 3-D Foundation to unite artists, locals and scientists to chronicle the impact of the surrounding glacial environment in Bagnes, Switzerland. Their insights are captured in photography, sculpture and multimedia residencies, alongside research, exhibitions and public education programmes.

The contemporary understanding of climate and glacier awareness and its global increase have clearly shown how human behavior in one geographical region can affect life in another, how individuals can impact upon other human beings’ living conditions, how certain populations’ lifestyle affects the environment, and how changes in the natural world conversely can induce migration and societal habits.

Glaciers are on the frontline of climate change in alpine resorts like Verbier as they swell from around 4,000 residents in summer to around 40,000 visitors in winter. Occurring simultaneously, skiers and hikers bring the mountain resorts to life yet also put a strain on precious resources.

Utilizing the lens of art, the Verbier 3-D Foundation aims to create a dialogue and awareness around the themes of glacier warming and societal behaviors on a local that extends globally.

Key concepts include: Place / Space / Scale / Interdependence / Environmental interaction


Olaf Breuning’s playful images address the absurdities, anxieties and excesses of contemporary life. His work draws heavily from popular culture and a collective visual iconography, with spontaneity as a guide. 

During his time in Verbier, Breuning immersed himself in the visual and human culture of the ski resort.

Parallel exhibition

An accompanying photographic 5km walk from Croix de Coeur to Ruinettes was developed with  curator Alexa Jeanne Kusber as a visual journey into the artist’s influences and artistic practice for developing the work during the residency.

This parallel exhibition acts as a background study for the public to further increase the understanding and to be able to engage deeper with the work in the Sculpture Park. 

Images provided by the artist and local photographer Melody Sky.

Thank you

SAVE THE CLIMATE! was realized thanks to the support of the Commune de Bagnes, Musée de Bagnes, Téléverbier, Loterie Romande, Jean-Edouard van Praet & Tappan Heher, Chalet Ker Praet, Au Vieux Verbier, Marlenaz, Office de Tourisme de Verbier, le Four Banal de Verbier, Madeleine Paternot, Melody Sky, Les Elfes International, Penney and Guy Semmens, Marilynne Geiger, Cherries Ussher Von Maur, Eric May, Valérie Felix, and Nicolas Combes.

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