2024 residency


Rana Begum

The Verbier 3-D Foundation proudly introduces artist Rana Begum as our 2024 Artist-in-Residence.

Born in Bangladesh in 1977 and currently based in London, her artistic journey exemplifies the transformative potential of simplicity, geometry, and the interplay of light, color, and space.

Rana Begum is celebrated for her remarkable ability to manipulate geometric shapes and structures, evoking deep emotions and contemplation. Her art transcends two-dimensional boundaries, immersing viewers in a world where simplicity and complexity seamlessly coexist. The outcome is a visual symphony that captures the essence of beauty, harmony, and the limitless possibilities of form.

Influenced by the geometric abstraction of minimalism and constructivism, as well as the art of luminaries like Agnes Martin, Donald Judd, Jesús Rafael de Soto, and Tess Jaray, Begum's work spans drawings, paintings, sculptures, and public art projects.

The Foundation is particularly intrigued by how Begum's art can prompt viewers to contemplate their connection with the natural environment. Her work possesses the potential to cultivate a heightened awareness of the spaces it occupies, shedding light on the often-overlooked facets of beauty, intricacy, and geometry in our surroundings. Her creations serve as a bridge between the human-made and the natural, demonstrating the potential for art to enhance our connection with the world we inhabit.

While residing within a dynamic community in the Swiss Alps, the artist will focus on undertaking creative work, conducting local research and engaging in an interdisciplinary dialogue around current climate concerns in relation to the theme of ENERGY. The aim of the residency is the development of a new project inspired by the materials, technologies and/or ecological knowledge sourced from the surrounding landscape of Verbier, Switzerland.

The research-led residency is developed with curator Alexa Jeanne Kusber.

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